Livestock Procurement

Our livestock agents have many years experience buying cattle and sheep for customers nationwide. We specialise in beef breeds of cattle and whether its suckler replacements, forward stores, weanlings or heavy cattle, we can fill your order. We cater to all sizes of orders from small holdings to large suckler and beef units. The local farms and marts in the area have a constant supply of cattle with great thriving traits due to the nature of the land. Most breeds are accessible with the most common being:

  • Charolais
  • Limousin
  • Aberdeen Angus
  • Shorthorn
  • Simmental
  • Belgian Blue
  • Hereford 

We have extensive experience in supplying and sourcing dairy breeding stock as well as empty cows, suck calves and freshly calved cows. We understand that every system is different and as such have built up a network of suppliers who can cater to:

High yielding Holstein types

Crossbreds with High Solids and EBI figures

Fleckvieh and Montbelliarde for farmers looking to produce highly saleable calves

British Friesian types

We also procure sheep for customers who require store and fat lambs for extended grazing or stocking density. We can supply all of your beef or sheep needs, just let us know how we can assist you today. As with the cattle, the sheep we have access to are very hardy and have fantastic thriving traits. The ewe lambs produced in the area go on to be fantastic mothers with a high rate of prolific breeding. The main sheep we have access to are mostly hill breeds but we encounter many lowland types. The most common breeds are:

  • Suffolk
  • Texel
  • Scottish Blackface
  • Cheviot
  • Charollais
  • Crossbreds (brockie, mule, greyface)